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Shattered Renaissance: The Serpent's Eden

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Posted 09 June 2009 - 12:08 AM

OOC: Sorry about the time delay – at first I was going to leave time for everybody to give their character some type of orientation before this, but the last couple of days I honestly just haven't gotten to posting. Graduation, exam schedules, etc... Sorry!

It was as Oren had predicted. There was never any intention of the ship surviving their landing. Cheryll stood at the front of the ship, looking somehow different, with a fiery charge in her eyes set straight forward.

“No need to try and avoid the ice – it's a losing battle!” She shouted to the helmsman. “We'll go straight through. All decks, brace for impact! Get ready to abandon ship! When you hit the water, the current will take you to shore! We'll meet in the central valley!”

She was of course referring to the strange two-pronged claw formation made from the icy mountains on the shore. But a lot of good that did him! It was great to know what to do when he got to shore, it was the getting there that proved ever problematic. If they were headed straight through, they'd have at least six holes in the ship by the time they were still the great span of 500 feet away.

“You got that kid?” Oren said to Ascerbus after getting back to the deck and approaching the young shadow-wielder. He had abandoned the crow's nest – there was no point anymore. “We're going to stay on this ship for as long as possible. We'll ride it in until we can cross with the least amount of swimming... 'cause once we hit that water, there's no guarantee we'll be surviving the swim.”


The ship jolted forward as the wooden starboard side ripped around the ice cap. From here on in, they were at the mercy of the tugging currents. Cheryll was right – there was no point in even trying to navigate through. The ship was pulled sideways straight into another ice cap, and the port side let out a strange scream as the hull was punctured.

Oren could see that the ship was getting lower and lower in the water already. He take a sip of whiskey and said, “Here's to hope!”

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Posted 09 June 2009 - 11:14 AM

Acerbus, was smiling knowingly as the vessel settled lower into the sea with more ice than a glass of brandy. "Oren, you ready?"

"I'm ready if you are - this crate won't hold up as long as I'd hoped," Oren said as he tucked his flask into his belt and braced for yet another icy impact at the bow. The deck was cracking now...it was nowornever.they were still about 600 feet from shore though.

"Allright, lets stay together than, that way if one of us slips the other can have some sort of support, we are going to want to jump before the bow hits the water."

"There's no chance of helping the others, is there? They're too heavy for me, and it seems too bright for you."

"Well, I imagine the immortal will contain to remain so, the brawny ones should be able to take cold for some time, as for the old man and the doctor...well, lets hope they have some power hidden in reserve to help. Besides, we are here because we are all extremely difficult to kill. If any of us are defeated by a simple shoreline...well lets just say this is sink or swim. Heh."

'that's a bit on the literal side for you, isn't it kid?"

"Forgive the curtailing of my usual persona, I get excited at the prospect of all this doom and danger you know."

"You've got a young heart. that's okay though...it'd be a lie for me to say that I'm not looking forward to the fun!"

At that, Oren dashed forward toward the side of the ship,preparing toleap off onto the nearest iceberg.

Acerbus tensed for a moment, and saw Oren glance back with worry as he actually leapt backward. Acerbus, flipped from the crumbling railing to the mast behind him, he braced, closed his eyes, exhaled and lunged. The mast behind him audibly snapped like a splintering bone, right at the point where his feet had been. Acerbus twirled through the air for a moment before straightening his flight. He hit an iceberg, slid for a moment until he could handle his momentum, two steps than lept again. He saw Oren navigating the frozen landscape alongside him and smiled as he observed. He certainly was good.Acerbus saw a particularily thin ice spire ahead marking around the half way point, when he hit it, he slid around it in a slow spiral to ease his momentum.
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Posted 12 June 2009 - 08:01 AM

OOC: What's happening guys? I can see where Ravenglass might be waiting for me, but what about the rest of you?

Cheryll stood at the helm as the ship crashed against the ice. Shards of hail rained onto them with each crushing blow to the ship's hull. All the meanwhile, the doctor was making jokes. She wasn't paying much attention though... She had a nasty feeling that the iceberg pinball game wasn't the most deadly challenge for the party. Still, she had to do something. The crew was getting nervous. Ascerbus and Oren looked as if they were about to jump ship.

"We're not swimming. Or at least, I get the impression that you aren't. What have you got up your --" She was cut off as the bow smashed heavily into another iceberg, sending a crack through the entire deck. She saw Oren and Ascerbus leaping off of the rig onto the icebergs around them - they were trained for such agility, after all. More importantly though, she saw the mast falling in her direction, threatening to crush her...

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Posted 15 June 2009 - 11:02 PM

As the boat lurched with its first impact, Angus was nearly sent flying over the edge. He grabbed the arm of a nearby stranger to regain his balance, then slid across the now angled deck to one of the railings. It became immediately evident to him that this was never meant to be a perfect landing. No matter, the crew seemed to be handling it fine, some men leaping to the shore while others climbed into lifeboats or swam. It must have been Cheryll's test for them, to see how they handled a challenge.

Cheryll... where was she anyway? Angus had no idea whether or not she had powers to protect her. He glanced across the deck and spotted the young lady about twenty feet away. Out of his perephrial vision he watched in horror as the mast above her cracked, waving this way and that before decidedly leaning in her direction. Without thinking, he mustered up all of his energy into his legs and sprinted to where she was, scooping her up in one arm without stopping, the mast crashing down behind them.

Using his already heightened speed, Angus bolted across the deck with Cheryll slung over his shoulder and leaped off the edge, landing on a thick outcropping of ice. He set her down before collapsing beside her, his legs fiery with pain and his vision beginning to go black.

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